SOS: Strategy and Operational Success

As small businesses we spend a lot of time working IN our businesses and not ON our businesses. We work to “keep the lights on”, so to speak, and are afraid to take a step back.

The SOS Workshop is a hands-on workshop intended to help you create your Strategy for Success - it prepares the small business for sustainable success. This workshop is intended to take the entrepreneur out of the day-to-day operations for a day to give focused attention to planning and vision for the future. It propels your company forward by focusing you and your company on what is important to grow your revenues and your profits. You will walk away with:
• Renewed energy and focus
• A clearly defined strategic plan to move your company forward
• A accountability plan to execute the strategy down to specific task
• Support to implement all you have learned in the Workshop

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KYSS: Keep Your Social Media Simple

"Why do I even need Social Media?", I am often asked. My response is often, "Your competitors are using it to engage their customers and yours." Social Media is here to stay, so understanding it, even just the basics, can help to define a use that works for your company, your strategy, and within your resources.

Our hands-on Workshops give you working knowledge, including tools and resources to ensure your presence is both optimized and relevant. Learn about and grow the Social Media channels that are relevant to your industry, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more

Each 2 hour workshop includes:
• Review of your presence and initial set up, if required
• Optimization advice and tips to ensure your Profile is relevant and meaningful
• Rules of Engagement: There are written and unwritten rules in Social Media that will guide your successful interactions. We make them easy to understand and implement
• An introduction to some of the secret tools used by the experts to ensure simplicity in your Social Media plan

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The Zen of Finance

"You have to know your numbers to grow your numbers!" Julia Aquino

• Do you know how profitable your company is?
• Do you know the exact costs of your product?
• Is your selling price at a level that is truly profitable?
• Is your cash flow flowing....right out the door?

Are your numbers keeping you up at night? We help you to understand what your numbers are telling you, so that you can make quicker decisions to affect the change that is needed. And, we do it in simple, easy-to-understand language, that will enable you to communicate your numbers more effectively! The peace is in the knowing...

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DEEP: Developing Effective and Efficient Processes - Scaling your Success

Let’s talk about what makes those highly successful organizations so successful - McDonalds, Starbucks, Jamba Juice…they all have one thing in common:

~ They all have great systems and processes in place that are well documented in an Operations Manual.~

That’s it! They all offer different products, so it’s not the product. It’s employees who are well-trained, clearly focused on their responsibilities and have a scalable foundation in the form of clearly document processes and procedures. Effective processes and systems empower employees, creates consistency for the customer, and allows a company to duplicate its key processes - over and over again.

Some of the outcomes:
• Understanding your company’s recipe for success and having it documented to ensure sustainability and focus
• The ability to duplicate those processes easily
• Accountability throughout the company (whether there are 2 or 2,000 employees)
• Streamlined, efficient, and manageable processes
• Greater profitability

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Sales Success: Magnetic Success Secrets

In today's competitive selling environment, stop following the crowd! Sell more by setting yourself apart through attracting the right customers and selling smarter. In Laurie Ann Murabito's proven system, you will learn the secrets to creating the ultimate customer experience that will have your customers buying, buying again, and telling their friends!

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About All Systems Grow

We understand the importance of systems and processes in a successful business. Systems and processes provide a foundation for the company to operate and for its employees to properly function and execute the company’s plans effectively. Sounds boring and incredibly tedious we know, however, we also know the most successful companies operate from systems first. As a matter of fact, effective systems provide the framework for growth! Learn More

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